Groom Duties

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Not much to it. By the time the wedding ceremony rolls around, there’s basically nothing you can do to stop this train. Stand, speak, kiss. Should all be fairly obvious, but for the obsessive-compulsive, here’s a quick rundown:

Things to Bring

  • Rings
  • Marriage certificate
  • Vows
  • Ceremonial objects
  • All accessories for your tux
  • Gum or mints
  • Sweat tissue or handkerchief
  • Directions to ceremony
  • Everything you need for the reception (see that checklist – click here)

Things to Do

  • Show up at least 30 minutes early.
  • Smile. A stoic-faced groom looks destined for divorce.
  • Make sure your groomsmen know what the F’s going on.
  • Take a leak beforehand.
  • Tell your bride she looks beautiful.
  • Tell your new mother-in-law she looks beautiful.
  • Don’t freak out about cold feet. (click here)
  • Ensure you’re familiar with the elements of your religion’s or culture’s service. Some wiki-links:
  • Jewish wedding ceremony
  • Hindu wedding ceremony
  • Bengali wedding ceremony
  • Indian wedding ceremony
  • Pakistani wedding ceremony

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