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The Plunge’s Badass Guest List Spreadsheet

Earlier in our discussion of your role in the wedding, we suggested that you doze off when you can, fake it when you can, and only chime in when it really matters. This is one of those times. If you haven’t already done so, read up on the guest list tug of war. You should now be familiar with the “rule of thirds,” the battles over who’s invited, and the importance of chunking the list into Her Parents, Your Parents, and your own friends.

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Maybe your fiancée is completely on top of this junk, and maybe she’s already created a spreadsheet that has everything you need. Then again, maybe not. (It’s also possible, frankly, that she’ll find The Plunge’s spreadsheet more useful and comprehensive than the standard-issue ones for brides.)

The spreadsheet is below–just click on the link. Some things to keep in mind:

This is not a kindergarten spreadsheet. We’re not effing around. It’s easy to use, but it requires a little savvy. If you’re lost, no sweat, we created a Help Screen (on second tab) to guide you. Especially if you’re not an Excel wiz, hover your mouse over the little red triangles–this will show the pop-up comments. When you first open the spreadsheet, you might wonder, WTF, where’s the stuff like “address,” “zip,” and all that horseshit? Click on the little “plusses” – way up top of the sheet – to expand some hidden columns.

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Feel free to hack it, change it, make it your own. The founder of The Plunge used this system for his wedding and it worked like a charm, but you might have some additional tricks to throw in there. Go for it. Once you’ve got a bunch of people in there–like over 50 or 60, say–it will be helpful to filter and sort the data. That’s what the “auto-filters” are for – the little gray arrows in the title of each column. For instance, you can filter for only “Her Parents,” or you can sort by people who have given you gifts. It’s handy.

Badass Guest List Spreadsheet

Good luck.

And if you have any questions about the spreadsheet that the Help Screen doesn’t answer, drop us a line at [email protected]

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