Groom Duties

Ceremony Rehearsal Checklist

Photo by Mark & Marianne Earthy

Make Sure You

  • Bring the rings.
  • Instruct the Best Man to not keep the ring in his pocket.
  • Wear something that’s also appropriate for your rehearsal dinner.
  • If your groomsmen ask you what they should wear, make sure they don’t show you up. (i.e. if you’re in khakis and navy sports coat, they shouldn’t be in black Armani suits.)
  • In advance, ask the officiant what he/she expects of you.
  • If there are any kids, appoint someone to supervise, coral, and muzzle.
  • Ensure all parties know when/where to show up.
  • Double-check that the slacker groomsmen know the details.
  • Try to do the rehearsal at the wedding site, if possible.
  • Make sure that everyone has transportation to the wedding site.
  • Large crowd? If so, consider arranging a microphone for the officiant.
  • Check to make sure that the recorded music (if any) works.
  • Check with the old people and make sure they have easy access to their seats.
  • Figure out what happens next. Receiving line? Photos? You don’t want people to awkwardly stand around, make idle chitchat, and wonder what they should do.
  • Remember to bring the rings.

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