Caught on Camera: 7 Proposal Fails

There are certain things a proposal must be. Romantic. Heartfelt. Special. Not necessarily a prerequisite?  Recorded for posterity. Because while everyone wants to go viral and get a piece of that Internet money, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. We can only hope that things worked in out in the end for these poor bastards.

The Forgone Conclusion

First, let’s get something straight once and for all. Your girl does not want to share the most anticipated moment of her life with a bunch of rubes in free hats. On the plus side, hot dogs!

The Walk-Off

Gets the ring, hands it to the girl, and boom goes the dynamite.

The Fumble

There only time you’re allowed to propose at the game: if you just scored the game-winning two-point conversion in the biggest upset college football history, and your girlfriend is the head cheerleader. After one of the most incredible games ever seen, there’s no way she’ll expect – REALLY, Chris Myers?

The Nervous Wreck

That’s the risk you run proposing on live TV. In this next clip, live from the Almost Late Show with Bobby Bones, it’s an almost coherent proposal from a guy so nervous he’s almost about to pass out. She almost looks like she wants to be there.

The Frat Party Failure

College girl sees “The best months of my life” and raises you “These have been the best two weeks.” Two weeks! That’s like four dates. He still hasn’t seen her naked and she wants to get engaged. That’s one way to save yourself for marriage.

The Instant Hangover

Your girlfriend is drunkenly throwing up gang signs, repeatedly slurring something that sounds like “BELLYYYY,” and staring vacantly into the distance. Definitely time to propose.

The Smackdown

Alright, so this one is probably fake, but it’s a good reminder to keep your proposal free of any prop that could be used as a weapon. And seriously guys, it’s the rest of your life. There’s no rush.

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