The Motorcycle Adventure Bachelor Party The Motorcycle Adventure Bachelor Party

The Motorcycle Adventure Bachelor Party

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Just to be clear, this bachelor party isn’t for everyone. While you certainly don’t need to be a One Percenter (we learned that from binging Sons of Anarchy) you do need some experience on two wheels. And no, that sweet Mongoose you used to ride around neighborhood as a tween doesn’t count. Hitting the open road with a motor between your legs is not only one of the best ways to prepare for settling down but it allows you to explore the vast unknown with your closest riding buddies. It’s going to require some serious planning but take in some of the great beauty this country has to offer before you might have to trade your bike in for something more sensible (Brrrr, we just got the Toyota Sienna shudders). Sure you could have a safer (re: boring) bachelor party, but that’s just not you, right? So let’s ride!

—Patrick McFarland

  • Bike Down to Baja, Mexico

    Baja California, México
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    Baja, a Mexican paradise right in SoCal’s backyard offers up the perfect ratio of adventure and unruly fun. Cross the border at Tecate (and maybe drink one while you’re there) and make your way East to the Gulf of California. You’ll find delicious tacos strewn throughout the byways as you make your way South. Surf the Pacific in the small town of San Juanico and enjoy amazing fare at El Burro. Camp on desolate beaches in Bahia de Los Angeles before the wild nightlife in La Paz and Cabo has you recuperating in an actual hotel. Baja can be whatever you make it, but it definitely won’t be dull.

  • Ride Mile High in Denver, CO

    Denver, Colorado, USA
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    Looking for the perfect long weekend to ride? Well look no further. Fly into Denver, pick out your rental at Colorado Motorcycle Adventures, and head west to Ouray. The pavement there covering Highways 50 and 550 will offer incredible scenery but it will be nothing compared to the views you’ll encounter as you bag passes between Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride. The latter will offer all the amenities you need after long days of riding including local craft beers from Smuggler’s Brew Pub. We’d recommend using dual sport bikes for the trip but you can still have a great time sticking to the paved mountain twisties.

  • Trek North to New Brunswick, Canada

    New Brunswick, Canada
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    You know The Great White North is that giant, cold landmass above the U.S. filled with overly polite people. While most people probably haven’t heard of Canada’s province New Brunswick (not to be confused with the one in New Jersey), it’s just east of Maine. Speaking of the Pine Tree State, we recommend riding along the coast on your way there and enjoying Acadia National Park. After Maine it’s through customs before entering Canada (leave the greenery at home). Camp out in Bay of Fundy National Park, explore Reversing Falls and Hopewell Rocks before heading into Saint John for some nightlife. If nature isn’t your thing, there’s always Montreal!

  • Chase the Dragon at Deals Gap, NC

    Deals Gap, Forneys Creek, NC, USA
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    The Tail of the Dragon in Deals Gap, North Carolina is easily the most famous road in the United States for motorcyclists boasting a ridiculous 318 turns in a mere 11 miles. Just try not to make a donation to the “Tree of Shame,” an iconic shrine that collects motorcycle parts from those riders who were “bitten by the dragon.” While US 129 is the most well-known, there’s an incredible number of similarly twisty roads in the surrounding area. Accommodations are easily found, the closest being the legendary Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. Once you’ve had your fill of carving twisties, Gatlinburg, TN will offer up all the restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightlife you’ll need.

  • Ride the Rim Around Moab, UT

    Moab, Utah, USA
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    Nothing will unite a group of friends like riding 100 miles of technical desert terrain. You’ll tackle steep descents and ascents with sheer cliffs to your side for reassuring comfort as you “Ride the Rim.” The trail can be done on adventure or dual sport bikes with a moderately proficient rider aboard. While it takes the four-wheeled vehicles three or more days to navigate the route, it’s very doable with a single overnight on two wheels. Remember to bring more water than you think you’ll need, and a couple spare tubes. A flask or two wouldn’t hurt either. Once back in Moab, you’ll find plenty of fun. Have a beer at Moab Brewery, you’ve earned it on this ride.

  • Relive The Goonies in Astoria, OR

    Astoria, OR, USA
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    The Pacific Northwest is quite possibly some of the prettiest landscape in the entire country, filled with lush forests, arid deserts, and visually stimulating beaches. Cannon Beach in Astoria, Oregon offers a quaint destination to ride to with excellent winding roads that are generally sparsely traveled. Visit Haystack Rock, you know, the one Mikey held the key up to in The Goonies. You’ll find plenty to keep occupied with great food and excellent beer. Then, ride on.

    No matter where you’re looking to ride, there’s a spot for every rider.