Best Extreme Sports Bachelor Party Destinations Best Extreme Sports Bachelor Party Destinations

Best Extreme Sports Bachelor Party Destinations

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In the immortal words of Bear Grylls, “Adventure is the connections and bonds you create with people when you’re there.” He also said, “You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.” OK, to be honest, he then went on to say, “I get scared plenty.”

Where are we going with this? To fully bond with your crew, you have to experience some sort of adventure during your bachelor party because you only live once and there’s gonna be a few things that scare the hell out of you (even if your name is Bear). If that’s got you feeling anything less than 100% enthused, then maybe another bachelor party destination is in order. If not, then go full on with these epic, extreme sports and out-there adventures that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

—Jimmy Im

  • Heli-ski in Canada

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    Do you really need a ski lift to shred snow? Heli-skiing says, “Hell no!” Up north in Canada, there are some superior slopes that can only be reached by chopper. So book a trip with Canadian Mountain Holidays, board a private helicopter and reach awesome runs in the backcountry with staggering, snow-capped mountain views, feeling the rush (plus a million Canadian points if you’re listening to Rush while doing any of this). Even if you’re the odd man out who doesn’t ski or snowboard, that’s not a problem. You, my friend, stay in rustic, five-star lodges teeming with whirlpools. So start booking. It’s going to be a jaw-dropping ride. FYI, heli-skiing is possible in some states like Wyoming or Alaska, but it’s definitely at its best in the Great White North.

  • Fly Your Own Damn Plane

    Sky Combat Ace - Las Vegas, Jet Stream Drive, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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    In Las Vegas, 20 minutes from the strip in Henderson, you’ll find Sky Combat Ace—the only place in America you can actually fly a fighter jet (with a licensed pilot riding shotgun). You’ll loops through the skies and reach up to 250 miles per hour. You don’t need a license yourself, just the intestinal fortitude. Afterward, celebrate having the right stuff by hitting the Strip at one of these bars. You’ve earned it, because you lived to tell the tale.

  • Go Cave Spelunking

    Natural Bridge Caverns, Natural Bridge Caverns Road, San Antonio, TX, USA
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    Remember that movie The Descent where a group of girlfriends went cave spelunking and had to fight for their lives against these underground monsters? We promise this is absolutely not going to happen when you go cave spelunking in San Antonio, Texas. At Natural Bridge Caverns, you’ll be geared up and lowered by rope almost 400 feet down to explore while climbing, hiking and rappelling with only your helmet’s light leading the way. Over in Sonora, you can check out some insane mineral formations at the Devil’s Pit, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky has about 400 miles of cave with underground rivers, lakes and limestone walls and Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tennessee lets caving enthusiasts actually spend the night (breakfast in the volcano room) which has waterfalls and pools. Also make sure to call the fiance before you lose your signal. Trust us on that one.

  • Jump From Anywhere

    Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, County Road 3A, Cañon City, CO, USA
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    Is there a No Fear t-shirt hanging in your closet? Do heights have a fear of you? Then make your bachelor party the proverbial jump off. There are low-altitude options almost anywhere you go, even cosmopolitan cities, so definitely check your options when you decide where you’re going to bachelor party. We say go all the way and bungee jump from Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. It’s the highest bungee location in the world (1,053 feet) and at least you’re attached to something (you’ll need a parachute for skydiving and BASE jumping). Royal George Bridge is also a hot base-jump spot, and Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, is a close second for both options as well. When it comes to quality skydiving, we’ll send you to Hawaii, coastal California or Key West for that.

  • Canyoneering

    Moab Valley, Moab, UT, USA
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    Just like cave spelunking, only you’re going up. When canyoneering you’ll not only be scaling sheer canyon walls (with the safety of a rope of course) but also hiking, swimming and rappelling. Canyoneering is known for some intense challenges, and it’s pretty risky (you’ll definitely sign a waiver) but accidents are rare (no 127 Hours stuff). REI arranges these outings in several parts of the country but Moab is definitely the place to go with its carved sandstone canyons and killer views from sheer drop offs. There’s even some ancient ruins to explore. Some areas are narrow and tight, so chill on the beer binge the night before.

  • White Water Rafting

    Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
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    There are dozens of awesome whitewater rapids and rushing rivers throughout the U.S.—many that are primed for both newbies and experts alike. The Grand Canyon could quite possibly be your best bet. There’s almost a dozen rafting companies that can get you set up for day excursions or full-on, weekend-long journeys. They go all the way up to Class VI, which is intense. You can also get some awesome rafting done in West Virginia along the Gauley River, which actually cuts through some gorges and valleys,but these rank high on the difficulty level. We know that planning a trip like this is going to be a beast, but maybe this will help.