Your Wedding’s Wine Shouldn’t Suck

A good party without booze is like good sex without a partner: it’s inconceivable. It just can’t happen.

As we’ve said 1,385 times before,  wine/beer/liquor is one category where the groom must get involved.

Now more than ever. As the Wall Street Journal points out, increasingly, for better or worse, the world is full of wine snobs. Your wedding’s wine shouldn’t suck. The Journal goes on to provide a good overview of the process.

From the WSJ:

It’s certainly true that wine drinkers have grown more discerning, and yet I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed many great wines at the ceremonies I’ve attended in recent years. In fact, sometimes I’ve wished that the centerpieces weren’t flowers but spit buckets. With so many great wines and so much information available, it certainly seems as if the newly betrothed should be getting better advice and more interesting options. But are they?

Not a bad read. Check it out here.

Also, don’t miss our interview with a wine expert in the Plunge Wedding Booze Bible.

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