Why the Proposal Matters: A Woman Chimes In

There are only a few things we stress as really, really, really important, the kind of shit you can’t ignore or blow off. The proposal is one of these things. A female reader comments on our article The 10 Commandments of Popping the Question:

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it, but my (ex)fiance failed on ALL of the ten tips above. He asked me as a passing thought the first time and I had to tell him that it didn’t count. Then he asked me after sex, without a ring, just another passing thought moment. Ugh! I love him so I said yes when he asked, but afterward I just couldn’t stomach telling my friends, family, and future children about the very unthoughtful proposal.

Even picking out the ring was a disaster. I have always wanted something other than a diamond, but when we got to the jewelry store he picked out a diamond ring because he could get a deal on it and we even had to put the ring on my credit! Our relationship quickly fell apart after that.

I love him very much though, so we’ve worked through it and are back together. But he’ll never get a second chance to redo my first proposal.

Don’t blow it like this guy. Read: The 10 Commandments of Popping the Question.

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