Was Your Proposal Awesome? Exploit it.

Like you, we’re a little skeptical of “contests.” (Unless it involves Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer storming into a room, slapping down a wad of cash, and screaming, “I’m out!”) When we think “contests” we have grizzly memories of Ed McMahon, the lottery, bingo, and the dregs of reality tv. (Like: “Who Wants to Dance with a Millionaire’s Top Chef! Enter now to win!!!”)

This one’s a little different, and it might merit your attention. And maybe even your participation. Our friends at OneWed have a contest that hinges around your proposal. Here’s the good thing. It’s not some random raffle or BS “1 in 7 will win!”  If you submit your story, and if the story is deemed better than the other stories, you win. Here’s what we like. The proposal, as we argue in The 10 Commandments of Popping the Question, is your most important job in the entire engagement. It will be remembered forever. It will be talked about (from your wife to her friends) forever. And it all comes down to your creativity and your execution.  Of all the groom’s responsibilities, this is the most important.

From OneWed:

Do you have the best engagement proposal story ever? Well, let it be heard for a chance to win Greece & Jewels. Enter your engagement story for the chance to win a grand-prize package that includes platinum jewelry and a getaway in Santorini Greece. Submit all of the details about your proposal, both romantic and extreme.

There are worse ways to try your luck.

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