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Reader Question of the Day: “WTF is a Bridal Gift? Do I Need One?”

“I was just informed this weekend that I need to get a wedding-day gift for my fiancee.

This was news to me, and I thought I was pretty well-informed about such things. Of course, this leads to a flurry of new questions.

How long has this ‘tradition’ been around, and is it another product of the wedding industry? What is the ballpark figure for spending on such a gift?

Does anybody have any good examples? Why isn’t the fact that I gave her a diamond ring enough of a gift already?”

Yep. It’s a racket.

The Bridal Gift. It’s misunderstood, it’s rarely seen, and, for some grooms, it’s a complete mystery. Sort of like the female orgasm.

Here’s what makes it awkward: your primary source of wedding information is, of course, your bride. But this is the one thing your bride might not talk about; after all, the gift’s for her, so she might think “instructing you” is kinda rude.

You’re on your own to figure this one out. Luckily we have some thoughts. Get the complete lowdown here. What to buy, what to spend, when to give: The Bridal Gift: Insult to Injury.

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