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Russian-Roulette-Toast Goes Awry, Guest Shoots Himself in Head

This sounds like a good idea on paper–using a gun during a wedding toast–but, believe it or not, it’s actually a bad idea.


The New York Daily News nails it, calling this “what may be the worst wedding toast of all time.”

As you can see yourself from the below video, a dude uses a prop for a wedding toast. Okay so far. But that prop is a handgun. Not the best idea, but maybe it’s fake, right? No it’s quite real. He hands the gun to someone else… who shoots himself.


A wedding guest was arrested by police after a man was seriously wounded playing ‘Russian roulette’ in front of a horrified bride and groom.

The guest had been giving a toast when he pretended he was playing the deadly game with a gun that he claimed he thought was entirely empty.

But then he gave the gun to another guest – and it turned out that he had been tragically wrong.

The second guest also fired the handgun against his head – and dropped to ground as a rubber bullet exploded into his skull.

You can watch the video yourself here. (Warning. Obviously, it’s graphic.)

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Full, Darwin-award-nominee story at DailyMail and the NY Daily News.

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