Groom Duties

Reader Comment of the Day: “You Guys Rock” (Sniff.)

Typically, our inbox is filled with:

Spam, press releases, angry notes from brides, more spam, questions from grooms, questions from brides, more spam…

…and then some obnoxious emails about Bridal Showers, more spam, forwards of not-funny videos, and more hate mail.

Then, every once in a while, there’s something like this.

Have you seen The Plunge’s Badass Guestlist Spreadsheet?

This reader has.

A groom’s comment:


So it’s three in the morning I got engaged this weekend and I have already been asked to pound out a head count, a location, and a date.

I’m mostly cool with this because her folks are paying for it (one of the most pleasant surprises of my adult life). Anyway crusin around your site avoiding sleep and sorting of the tentative head count my fiance and I just pushed through and what do I find the spread sheet I was about to build from scratch myself already built for me.


Our pleasure.

And if you haven’t seen it, check out our guestlist spreadsheet. It really is the best in the business.

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