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4 More Bachelor Party Ideas, Courtesy of the Real Expert: You.

Reader comment of the day, 

This time from our 20 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas:

My man’s a vegetarian who I’ve recommended to check out this site, but I have a feeling he’ll get pissed at this article if he finds it, for it’s lack of taste. Some additional recommendations:

1. Rock concert
(If one of the groom’s faves are playing at the right time)

2. Baseball game
Playing or watching (substitute other sports if necessary)

3. Renting a boat/yacht
(Less expensive than you’d guess!)

4. Bowling
(Sounds lame but throwing 14-pound balls around can be fun)

And for all of the above I recommend copious quantities of Beer.

Well, putting our “lack of taste” aside, we agree with many of the ideas. Especially the renting a boat/yacht. And beer.

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