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Love Letter to The Plunge. Hell. We’ll Take It.

The main reason that we run this site is to get filthy, filthy rich. The secondary reason is to help guys. Since we’re still waiting on the former, we’ll have to settle for the latter. But this isn’t just to feed our egos. The guy also brings up a few excellent suggestions, mainly, a slideshow at the rehearsal and the merits of an early-morning flight.

From a just-married dude:


I finally got there. We were married May 29th of this year, and couldnt be happier. I found yall’s website several months after I bought the engagement ring, and the articles you guys wrote were both entertaining and informative. Having read most if not all of them, I went against much of your advice, yet clung to other ideas like a hobo to a free sammich. The suggestion to wait a day before departing for the honeymoon likely saved my marriage, and cured several types of cancer. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for all the laughs and sound advice as to how to approach my 2.5%(grossly exaggerated) of the total effort that went into the wedding planning. Though it was small and insignificant, we all know that the groom’s parts are key to overall wedding success. I can keep no more of a straight face writing that as you can reading it.

It was also my intention to extend two experiences of my own from the wedding/honeymoon process for all men to know and contemplate:

1. Slideshow at the rehearsal dinner: Seriously, I put together a powerpoint of some baby pictures of the wife, myself, then modern pictures of us together in our courtship. It went over very well, and I even used a combination of photoshop/MSpaint, particular baby photos of my neice(same age as me) and myself, and the song I had chosen for my section to embarrass the shit out of her(good naturedly of course) and further get laughs from our collective families. I have seen this more and more these days, and its definately a time killer for what can be an otherwise dull event.

2. Early flights can have unexpected benefits: The day before leaving for the honeymoon was GOLD, no lie. Leaving for a 6am flight also seemed that way. There was no traffic on the road at 4:30 in the morning, and a very small line to check luggage and go through security. This might not work at huge airports in Chicago or Dallas, but it sure worked in Jackson, MS.

Just my experience, but for what its worth.

Again, my sincerest thanks for the great website. Ive already sent it to two grooms-to-be already, so keep it coming.



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