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Inside the Mind of the Bride: Does Size Matter?

As regular readers now know, from time to time, we turn to one of the less-crazy bridal sites, OneWed, for “her perspective.” From OneWed’s Marta Segal Block:

Unless you’re marrying absolutely the wrong girl (and I know The Plunge has a test to help you figure that out), she doesn’t really care about size. She doesn’t care about your “shoe size” and she doesn’t care about how big the rock in her ring is. Now, if you have “big feet,” you probably realized a long time ago that for a casual “dance encounter” you don’t have to work quite as hard as someone with a “smaller shoe size.” You hopefully also learned that in a relationship just having “big feet” isn’t a substitute for actually learning a little bit about which “dance moves” work for your girlfriend. If you have “smaller feet,” you hopefully learned that once you learn how to dance, size doesn’t matter.

The same is true of engagement rings. The jewelry a woman wears is part of her individual sense of style, just as her clothing and makeup are.

Women tend to like it when the men in our lives notice and understand our style, because we see that as a reflection of who we are. Not being able to answer some basic questions about what we wear (styles, sizes, colors) is equivalent to not knowing our eye color, birthday, favorite movie, or middle name.

If you are determined to buy an engagement ring without your fiancée’s input, then do yourself a favor and pay attention. Does she usually wear silver or gold? Does she like big, shiny things, or more sedate, delicate items? Does she wear clothes with a vintage vibe? Is she all about flash? Has she had the movie Blood Diamond out from Netflix for the past month?

If these questions leave you scratching your head, do NOT go ring shopping alone. Take someone with you who knows your girlfriend’s taste and style, and can help you navigate your way around the dance floor. Remember, dancing with a partner is almost always more fun than dancing by yourself!

Marta Segal Block writes the Ask the Wedding Maven advice column for OneWed.com, which, happily, also has an expansive engagement ring gallery. Also, The Plunge stops by to say a few words on this very topic on OneWed hereAnd on The Plunge, for much, much more on rings, see How to Find Her Ring Size and Style and our overall Ring Buying Guide.

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