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How to Get a Wedding Band?

A reader asks:

“I was wondering what style most men get as their wedding rings. I’ve been looking online and I see all kinds. But I noticed there wasn’t a section here about men’s wedding bands.

“I prefer the black titanium style. I want the band to be black, and not huge. Most of what I see are huge. I found a simple black titanium band I like, but I cant make up my mind. I’m going for simple, but not all the time. My father and every other older man (not so much the younger) have a small yellow gold band. I’m going for traditionally nontraditional.

“My fiancée has recommended I perhaps get two bands. (gasp!) One for normal wearing, to get dirty and banged and whatnot, and one to keep nice. I’ve found both, but really?  Two weddings bands?

“Here is my question:  What do guys get these days?”

Hey there. First off, we do have a section on this. But maybe it’s not easy to find: kinda like true love, Pi, and a tiny hole in a bike’s flat tire. Here’s our article that covers all this: The Other, Slightly-Less-Absurdly-Priced Rings: Wedding Bands.

But to give you some more specific advice, we’ve brought in the Big Guns.  The below is from diamond ring guru Amy Curran, consultant at The Advisory Source.

From Amy:

Hey, R—-,

Men’s wedding bands are available in so many durable, interesting materials these days.  It’s easy to express yourself and still have a ring that looks great, feels great, and is extremely comfortable to wear. You may even find one you actually… like to wear all the time. (It’s been known to happen.)

Titanium is a great choice.  It’s extraordinarily durable, holds its polish and the details, is tough, yet looks good.  You won’t need two bands, as titanium should hold up just fine to your daily wear-and-tear.

We recommend you do some shopping at one or two jewelry stores that specialize in “bridal” jewelry.  There are other “alternative metals” out there today — including tungsten, cobalt, palladium, and more, in addition to platinum, gold, sterling silver and titanium. Truly, you can’t know what will be the best choice for you until you try a bunch on to find the ones that feel good on your hand, talk to the (hopefully knowledgeable) wedding band expert who will explain the differences from metal to metal, and then decide which is best for you.  A good store will have a selection that includes some less massive versions, for sure.  No matter where you end up buying, you’ll have been able to evaluate all the choices and know you’ve made the right decision in the end.

And down the road, you and your lovely bride may opt, as many couples do, to celebrate a special anniversary with new wedding bands that reflect your changing taste over the years. Or you might not.

So rest easy, and congratulations.

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