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Grooms, Watch Your Back: “Detective” Service for Brides

Here’s the good news: This is hardly a widespread “trend.” Here’s the other good news: This is a company in India, so, hopefully, you’re (probably) not affected.

Still, kind of scary stuff.  A “detective service” lets brides–and the Father of the Bride–check up on grooms and investigate his past, criminal record, and fidelity.


From The Times of India:

Is he an alcoholic? Is she a party animal? Was she dating anyone before? These questions typically bother the parents of prospective Indian brides and grooms, especially those who use matrimonial websites. And for answers they tap detective agencies.

“We have been offering investigation services for prospective spouses for 10 years, but there has been a considerable spurt in the number of applications over the years,” says Jitendra Satpute, deputy general manager, TRIPL ( TOPSGRUP Risk Intelligence Private Limited).

So if the bride’s father isn’t as proficient in the dark arts of interrogation as, say, Robert De Niro in Meet the Parents, this might be his ticket.

Full article here.

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