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Doh! Groom Kidnapped Before Wedding

We’ll update our checklists right away.

In addition to mundane tasks like “Don’t forget the ring,” “Bring the marriage license,” and “Don’t get drunk in front of the bride’s father,” apparently we need to add, “Don’t get kidnapped.”  (As an aside, don’t miss our checklists.)

Just moments before his wedding, a groom was scooped up by a gang and kidnapped. Insert the lame old joke, did they do the dude a favor? [Bada bing!]

In a small town in India, as reported by The Times of India:

...Their wedding ceremony was to take place on Sunday at a marriage hall near her house.

However, Bharat was allegedly abducted by a gang, led by Habib Shah Sai and Asif Abdul Sai, residents of Deesa.

According to Deesa rural police station officials, the incident took place around 3.30 am on Sunday when a car and a luxury bus carrying around one hundred people, including Bharat and his family members, were stopped by people in a black SUV.

“Sai and his accomplice emerged from the car and beat up Bharat’s brother Mukesh, cousins Damodardas and Tilaksinh and others. They then took Bharat with them and zoomed off from the spot. We have started our investigation on the basis of the SUV’s number and have informed all the check posts on the road,” said a police official from Deesa rural.

The officials believe it to be a case related to old family quarrel.

Okay, so the plot thickens…  Check out The Times of India for the entire story. And, you know, don’t get kidnapped.

Important Note: Image is not of the groom actually kidnapped.

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