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Celebrity Wedding Planner Allegedly Screws Couple, Gets Lawsuit

The first thing to note: the phrase “celebrity wedding planner” makes about as much sense as “celebrity toilet cleaner” or “celebrity dog catcher.”

This is a profession that just shouldn’t have celebrities.

That said, this episode only hardens our skepticism of the “wedding planner” role.

According to The New York Daily News, a celebrity wedding planner screwed over a couple, left them high and dry, and is now slapped with a lawsuit.

From the Daily News:

A celebrity wedding planner is being sued by a couple enraged that he left them at the altar.

David Tutera, the Manhattan-based star of reality shows “My Fair Wedding” and “The Party Planner”, is accused of spoiling Melissa Chin and Steve Choi’s lavish Singapore wedding with “despicable” and “arrogant” actions after he was paid more than $200,000 to plan the blowout.

The suit accuses Tutera of trying to “sabotage” the couple’s August 2009 wedding by pulling a no-show and failing to provide a bridal bouquet, a dance floor, table linens and a VIP table.

We’re not gonna lie.  It’s tough to muster up a whole lot of sympathy. For those of you at  home, here are a few signs–all cited by the scorned couple–that your celebrity wedding planner might, in fact, be a douche:

1) He asks for a $100,000 deposit.

2) He insists that he needs four round-trip tickets to Singapore.

3) He insists that these tickets are all business class.

4) He stayed for six nights (!) at the Shangri-La.

The full story here.

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