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Best Man Speech: Who Do You Mention?

A reader writes:

“Hi All,

Working in writing a Best Man speech and like most men, are completely stressed out over it all. Quick easy question. Two of them actually. Do I mention the Groom’s parents and do I mention the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid(s)?

Thanks very much,

Your site is the best around.”


Well, in fairness, I don’t know if we’re the best site around. In terms of daily use, I’d put us just behind Google, Facebook, ESPN, and Pornhub. But if you meant we’re the best wedding-related site around… thanks.

Okay, we’ll stop being jackasses for a second and answer your question.

Simple: it’s not required, and it’s rare. Your primary, secondary, and tertiary mission is to flatter the Bride and honor/needle the Groom. That’s all anyone expects, and it’s important that you nail this role.

That said, if you have some particular reason, there’s nothing inherently wrong with mentioning the parents or the Maid of Honor. Example: maybe you’ve known the dude since you were 5, and the groom’s father once busted you both for eating chocolate ice cream before breakfast. (Or whatever.)

If you have a personal connection, mention it, and thank them.  But a rote “I want to thank the groom’s parents, the Maid of Honor, the priest, the flower girl, the excellent caterer-thanks Helen!-and the wedding coordinator…” is not necessary.

Good luck.

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