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Another D-Bag Dating Move: Intentional, Misleading Ambiguity

In case you missed it, we outline 10 signs that guys are “Dating Douchebags.”  Of course, as we all know from experience, there are many, many more than 10 signs in the world.

Douche Move #11, submitted by reader ShawnVader:

“Douche move # 11: you purposefully keep the terms of your relationship with a woman vague, fully knowing that she believes you’re in a monogamous relationship, so that you can sleep around with other women all you want.  that way, when she confronts you about it, you can defend yourself saying, “i never said we were in a closed relationship, baby,” and then spend the next several months alternating between douche move # 6 and sending her texts saying things like, “i know i don’t deserve it, but could you give me a second chance?” 

“Some asshole did this to my girlfriend for about a year.  she still feels stupid that she didn’t break it off sooner, but here’s a piece of advice about the ladies: they’re alot more forgiving than they should be about some things.  and douche bags can sort of sniff that out and then take advantage of it.  it’s not enough to have casual sex, they want the feeling that only a relationship can give, the feeling that someone needs you, emotional-wise.  it makes them feel important, like a big man.  then it makes the rest of us look like assholes.  seriously.  if you don’t want a real relationship, don’t act like you want a real relationship.  there are plenty of ladies out there who are cool with open relationships and casual sex.  if not, there’s always peppermint the $20 Tuesday night stripper.   come on.  we’re dudes.  we’re supposed to be the ones that don’t send mixed signals.”

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