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77.3% of Grooms Say Their Fiancée is NOT a Bridezilla

Good news.

Despite a gazillion tv-shows, blogs, movies, magazines, books, and, we’re obliged to say, even websites like this one that perpetuate the “Bridezilla” stereotype… most brides simply don’t fit the bill, according to the people who would know the most: the grooms.

We asked grooms the simple question “Is your fiancée a bridezilla?”

A little surprisingly, only 22.7% said, “I love the woman, but yes.”

72.3% said “Nah, not so much.”

And 5% said, “I’m the grooomzilla.”

Now, a few theories. The simplest read on the data is that most brides, in reality, are not Bridezillas at all, but they only flare up, from time to time, when the rigors of invitation-folding get too demanding.  The other theory is that the grooms are so afraid of their Bridezilla, so docile, that they feared recrimination–or karma–and voted “Nah, not so much.”

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Here’s my favorite theory. You know how when you get on an airplane, there are always insufferably obnoxious toddlers screaming, crying, and playing? If you polled everyone on the plane, 95% would say that the babies are annoying. If you poll the actual parents of the babies, you’d get something closer to 22.7%.  They’re blinded by their love.

Or maybe this should be framed a different way: “One in Four Grooms are Engaged to Bridezilla.”

For much more on our thoughts on Bridezilla, see: Breaking Down Bridezilla: What Kind of Bride is Your Girlfriend?

Our usual poll disclaimer: this poll was neither conducted by Gallup nor blessed by Nate Silver.  1,368 responders. Presumably, the bulk of these are men and grooms, but there’s no way to know that for certain. Take results with several shakers of salt.

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