10 (Non-girly) Wedding Theme Ideas You’ll Both Approve Of

At many weddings, it’s clear that the groom had no say in choosing the theme (unless the groom picked “pretty in pink,” “fairy garden,” or “glitter,” which is okay too).   Unless your bride is a “one of the guys” type, you probably won’t get far advocating a football or beer themed wedding.  Good news.  We have found the middle ground.  Here are some wedding theme ideas that both of you will love.

1. Celestial Theme

Almost everyone loves looking up at the night sky and watching the stars.  You can easily turn that universal (no pun intended) idea into an incredible wedding theme.  You can go the more romantic astrological route or the more geeky astronomical route depending on your couple personality.

Venues: Planetarium or Outdoors at night

Invitations: Customized constellation with your initials

Key Décor: It’s all about the lighting (projections are great)

Menu: Galaxy cake pops, Champagne

Favors: Star shaped tea-light/candle holder

Extra Special Touches: Fireworks

2. Medieval Theme

This is a great alternative to the typical fairytale theme.  Your bride will still be a princess, but you go from Prince Charming to Knight of the Realm (and that’s exponentially cooler).  You can even make your own royal sigil to tie together invitations, place settings, and décor.

Venues: Castle, Fort, Manor

Invitations: Scrolls, Envelopes with wax seal

Key Décor: Shields, Armor, Stained glass

Menu: Turkey, Cheese/Fruit/Nut plate, Quail, Mulled wine

Favors: Personalized goblet

Extra Special Touches: Groomsmen hold swords, Bride rides in on horseback (sidesaddle)

3. Fire and Ice Theme

If you strongly believe in the phrase “opposites attract,” fire and ice might be the perfect theme for you.  This is an original alternative to a winter wonderland theme, and quite frankly, allows a lot more room for creativity and fun.  Your wedding is going to be hot… and cool (couldn’t resist).

Venues: Outdoor Marquee, Hotel Ballroom (check in advance for fire restrictions)

Invitations: Double sided (one side fire, one side ice)

Key Décor: Indoor gel fireplaces, Ice sculptures, Lighting effects, Clear chairs

Menu: Fondue, Flambé cocktails, Ice cream bar

Favors: Icy candle holder with tea light

Extra Special Touches: Ice skating rink, Ice bar

4. Vintage Vineyard Theme

Want an excuse to taste a ridiculously large variety of wines?  Here’s one!  But seriously, this theme is sophisticated, elegant, and easy to put together.  It’s also romantic without being covered in pink lace and sparkles.

Venues: Vineyard, Estate

Invitations: Melted wine bottle

Key Décor: Wine barrels, grape vines, twinkle lights

Menu: Wine, Fresh grapes, Charcuterie, Cheese

Favors: Personalized wine stoppers, Miniature bottles of wine

Extra Special Touches: Personalized wedding wine, Napa Valley or Italy destination

5. Precious Metals Theme

This is a good alternative to the sparkle or glitter theme wedding.  It’s a great low maintenance option that’s more unique and exciting than your typical color scheme theme wedding.  With a simple theme like this, you have tons of flexibility to fit it into any budget and still have it look great.

Venues: Hotel

Invitations: Combine copper/bronze, gold, and silver

Key Décor: Raw metals (pyrite/fool’s gold, hematite, hammered copper), Metallic fabric

Menu: Metallic cake pops, Champagne cocktails

Favors: Personalized bottle openers, Wind chimes

Extra Special Touches: Metal roses in centerpieces

6. Gemstone Theme

If you’re a fan of the simplicity of the precious metals theme, but want a little bit more color (that’s not pink, although she insists that apricot, coral, and blush are not pink even though they are) in your wedding, this theme is for you.  You can of course customize which and how many types of gemstones you and your bride-to-be want to work with.

Venues: Outdoors, Garden

Invitations: Colors depending on gemstones you choose with slight shimmer (if that doesn’t bother you too much)

Key Décor: Tumbled gems, Geodes, Gem trees

Menu: Rock candy, Gem colored cocktails

Favors: Mini gem jar

Extra Special Touches: Work the colors of the gems into your cake- actually in the cake itself, not just the frosting

7. Travel Theme

The great thing about this theme is that it’s extremely easy to personalize.  Use the places you have traveled together as inspiration for decorations, food, and even music if you like.  You can do a global theme or narrow it down to one continent (Europe, for example).

Venues: Outdoors, Destination

Invitations: Plane ticket

Key Décor: Tickets, Globes, Maps, Trunks, Travel quotes, Travel books

Menu: Around the world stations (variety of cuisine)

Favors: Personalized globe, Compass

Extra Special Touches: Video or photomontage of your travels as a couple

8. The Great Gatsby Theme

There’s no doubt she’ll love this idea, but you might be surprised how much you’ll love it too.  Recreate the 1920’s speakeasy bar vibe for a wedding that’s cool, classy, and just the right amount of wrong.  She gets the glamour and you get the manly cocktails (yes, they exist).  Also, you might just get away with a white tux (check with the bride first though).

Venues: Mansion, Hotel ballroom

Invitations: Black with gold metallic accents/text

Key Décor: Art deco patterns, Black & gold, Pearls, Champagne bubble balloons

Menu: Oysters, Seafood, 1920’s cocktails, Lemon cake

Favors: Mini-champagne, Personalized matches

Extra Special Touches: Vintage car instead of a limo (yellow, if you really want to go Gatsby)

9. Rain Theme

If you had a WTF reaction to this idea at first we don’t blame you, we did too!  However, this theme works amazingly for the unique couple that wants a completely original wedding.  If you like piña coladas and kissing in the rain…

Venues: Ballroom (you don’t want actual rain on your rain themed wedding, but you might not want sun either)

Invitations: Blue with silver lining

Key Décor: Umbrellas, Blue lanterns, Raindrop crystals

Menu: Chocolate fountain, Rain drop cake pops, Piña coladas (just had to)

Favors: Personalized umbrellas

Extra Special Touches:  Rain shower fountain/ Water curtain

10. Chocolate Theme

There’s no doubt that love and chocolate go hand in hand.  With this theme, you have a direction for your menu and a beautiful, rich color scheme (white, milk, dark).  A chocolate themed wedding can also be very elegant (it doesn’t have to go all Willy Wonka style).  If you’re both vanillas then by all means skip this idea, but just in case you didn’t know, chocolate is a scientifically proven aphrodisiac…

Venues: Anywhere temperature controlled (or your wedding will melt)

Invitations: Inside a chocolate box

Key Décor:  Gold accents (like on candy wrappers), Draped material, Ribbons

Menu: Chicken mole, Chocolate martinis, Exotic chocolate tasting bar

Favors: Monogrammed truffles

Extra Special Touches:  Chocolate sculpture, Chocolate fountain

Written by Ariel Guterman

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