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Why You Should Use A Lingerie Registry

We’re going to take a wild guess here and presume that you’ve never thought about buying lingerie. If you’re a straight man, you’ve probably barely expended any thought on buying your own underwear. After all, the rules for doing so could be written on the back of a cocktail napkin:

  • boxers or boxer-briefs, yes;
  • tidy-whities, no;

For women, the picture is vastly more complicated. Fortunately for you and your fiance, we live in the age of the Internet, where there’s a site for everything. In this case, there’s, a virtual candy store for all things skimpy and seductive. The first fully shoppable online magazine devoted entirely to lingerie, OuiHours also offers a registry service where you and your bride to be can choose gifts from a carefully curated selection of really really REALLY sexy items. Like your standard wedding registry, you can easily share this wish list with whomever you choose. In the words of Bride’s Magazine, OuiHours is “the sexier registry.”

So, why should you be using OuiHours? Let us count the ways:

It’s the most fun you’ll have shopping with your girl

Shopping for lingerie is a lot more fun than shopping for flatware. You get to sit in front of a  computer, looking at pictures of half-naked woman in sexy underwear–and your fiance is right there with you! There’s a good chance the two of you will get distracted. Not a problem–just make sure to save your wish list before sweeping the computer off the desk in a burst of lingerie-inspired passion.

A lingerie registry can work across all wedding and bridal events

Lingerie is something that girls give each other at bachelorette parties and bridal showers. By signing up with OuiHours, your fiance will ensure that all those frilly gifts she gets from her girlfriends will fit right and look good. She can also just make her size and style preferences available to registry guests if she wants to be surprised with little luxuries. Best of all, you get to watch as she tries all these great gifts on.

A lingerie registry is useful to your bride- and that makes it useful to you

Your bride will always need underwear, and she’ll have a lot coming up that will require both fancy and functional lingerie. At OuiHours, an expert stylist can help her figure out the best styles for all her needs. That will help you, because when your bride has one less thing to stress out about before the wedding, she’ll have one less thing to take out on you. Also, because she’ll be getting these treats as gifts, the two of you will save money that can be spent on something else–your honeymoon, say, or gifts for your groomsmen.

Lingerie is multi-functional

Women are creative. They know how to rock underwear as outerwear when the occasion demands it. There’s a whole style movement devoted to this: it’s called “Boudoir Fashion.” When your wife has items from OuiHours in the closet, she’ll have even more ways of looking awesome when the two of you go out on the town.

OuiHours is the start of a beautiful collection

You’re in this marriage for the long haul, so the more lingerie she has to spice up those special moments, the better. OuiHours lingerie is high quality and will last your bride for years. Also, it’s not like the buying needs to stop after the honeymoon. If you keep your OuiHours registry active, you’ll always have options for naughty birthday or anniversary gifts–and, once again, you’re the lucky bastard who gets to watch her try them on.

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