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Rustic Wedding Style for the Fall and Winter

Just a few week ago we worked with the experts at Bows-N-Ties to create a “Summer Vintage” look for us. Because this was such a popular feature, we now decided that a follow up post would be in order. This time Bows-N-Ties’ founder, Hendrik, sat down with his stylists to create a “Rustic Fall” look – the perfect inspiration for anyone planning a Fall wedding. Here’s what makes this look so perfect for this year’s Autumn season:

Thicker Fabrics

It should go without saying that colder weather requires warmer clothes. Thus, menswear designers’ typically incorporate thicker wools, flannels, corduroys, and tweeds into their Fall collections. To allow for more comfort in a wide range of temperatures we suggest you take advantage of “layering”. Adding a tweed vest for example will keep you warm, and will make you look like a million bucks once your jacket comes off on the dance floor.

Rustic Patterns

While summer is all about delicate prints, Fall calls for more texture and larger scale patterns. Larger plaids on your shirt, herringbone checks on your jacket, as well as corduroy fabric on your pants are some classic examples.

Seasonal Hues

Let nature guide you when it comes to finding the right colors! Simply take a look at turning Autumn leaves and you will know what we are talking about. Always great for the Fall are browns, tans, dark blues, burnt orange, as well as most “spice colors”. Because color corporation Pantone named “Marsala” their color of the year for 2015, deep reds are especially predominant this Autumn season. While a suit in Marsala red would be a bit much for most of us, we recommend adding this color on your smaller accent pieces such as your tie and pocket square. To freshen up the sea of browns and dark reds have some fun with a lighter hued boutonniere and/or colored socks.

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