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Tourneau’s Wedding Day Watch Guide for Dudes

Michael Gordon, Store Director at the Tourneau TimeMachine, the leading luxury timepiece retailer’s flagship location in New York City, talks wedding day watches with The Plunge.

Why would I need to wear a watch on my wedding day? Isn’t worrying about the tux enough, without worrying about the accessories?

First and foremost I would say the watch is necessary for function — so you are on time! On a more serious level, I think that the right timepiece can be a perfect compliment to a man’s wardrobe. It completes the look whether you are wearing a tux or dressed for a more casual event.

But I’m already lost enough choosing wedding band. How am I going to choose the right watch?

The first thing you want to consider is the tone of the event. For example, for a black tie wedding, I would recommend a gold watch with a leather strap. Simple, thin and elegant. For a casual beach setting, I would suggest a more robust and water resistant piece with a steel bracelet and diving bezel. (See example below.) Second, you want a watch that is timeless and understated; you don’t want something that calls attention away from the event, but at the same time, something that will evoke memories of that special day when you look down at your wrist ten years from now.

What about current watch trends: what style is right for my wedding, instead of right for Snoop-Dog?

Again it depends on what you are wearing for the big day. For a more formal occasion, I think something elegant and understated works — rose or white gold with a simple complication on a leather strap. (See example below.)

There’s this tradition called a “bridal gift”… would I be able to get away with hinting at getting me a Tourneau watch as a groom’s gift?

I do see the bride or parents of the bride buying watches as a gift for the groom and engraving something memorable on the case back. A gift like this will evoke memories for years to come.

About Michael Gordon

Michael has worked in retail and fashion for over 14 years, beginning his professional career at WatchGear where he first honed his watch expertise and sales perspective.

Michael’s time as Store Director of the Tourneau TimeMachine as well as Director of their 510 Madison location has led to the implementation of the stores’ unique retail concepts as well as a more modern approach to sales initiatives. Before his time at 510 Madison, Michael worked as the Director of Retail Development and as Training Manager at Tourneau where he taught sales professionals the necessary skills to sell watches at retail locations nation-wide.

His passion and watch knowledge, as well as his ability to speak extensively on the subject, has allowed him to become one of the many faces of Tourneau, often acting as spokesperson and industry expert.

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