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Beyond The Registry: The Gifts You Really Want

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As we’ve said elsewhere, the registry should be a joint project. That means you’ve got to respect your fiancee’s reasons for wanting to add the 12 piece Waterford Crystal set. But it also means she’s got to let you put some of the things you want on that list as well.

We’re not going to tell you exactly how you negotiate the registry with her (see this article for that), but we do have some ideas from our friends at Bespoke Post to share with you. You can add these to any alternative registry you like, or better yet, just treat yourself to them on your own. It’s cool, you deserve it.


Whether you’re a summer grill master or a wizard on the slow cooker (or even just a guy who wants a fresh cooked meal when he gets home), you should check out these kitchen-ready fine dining registry ideas. You’re going to want to cover all the bases. Taco night? The Guac your friends will be talking about for parties to come? Surprising babe with a zero effort slow cooker meal? Showing the father-in-law what kind of chops you have on the grill? (literally)

These are essentials that will have you looking like you give a damn in the kitchen.


Now that your roommate isn’t around to drink all your beer, why not step up your rig? She won’t let you have a keg-erator? No problem, have your personal size version on hand and in the fridge. Need a scotch after a hard day? Now is your chance to buy overtly fancy whiskey glasses. Call up your best man and put some hair on your chests. Hey, make a solid old-fashioned while you’re at it too. We hear they’re back in style.


Chances are she’ll have a lot of ideas about how your married home together should look. Which, while totally cool, does not mean that you have no say. Here’s a selection of home décor items that will make you feel at home without completely demolishing her carefully-plotted fung shui.

While you may not get much real estate inside your possibly new real estate purchase, there are a few things you can add that won’t make too much of a disturbance. A wall clock, so your friends will think you’ve found a talent for interior design. Some photo frames, because she’ll probably give you wall space if you include some of the two of you. Also, some bedside zen never hurts–plus your nightstand square footage is all yours.


There’s a whole art to picking your coffee table books. Even if no one ever reads them, they say a lot about you as individuals and a couple. All of which is to say at least one or two of them should reflect your interests.

Because you’re a guy and you may choose to express your masculinity through a passion for classic cars, you should look like you know what you’re talking about. Her film school friends may also be impressed with your appreciation for Scorsese. Crack that baby open and make small talk. Party dying down? Pass around that bartender’s manual and get the drinks flowing. Overall, this is a great opportunity to appear as you’re actually a competent, intellectually serious adult. Fake glasses not included.


Your man cave is probably the area of your registry where you’ll have the most power. And, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t just recreate your high school bedroom: plan like a man.

After all, the man cave is your excuse to have a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need, but really want anyway. Like vintage boxing gloves for when you throw a burger on your Foreman grill and want to pretend you’re actually fighting George Foreman (George would slaughter you, btw). A Bell Jar Lamp that you didn’t know existed until now, but which will help you be introspective in a dimly lit room as you drink from your new whiskey glasses. Oh, and a dart board for your college friends to put their hands on while you place bets about throwing the darts between their fingers. (You might also want to pick up a first-aid kit.)

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