Las Vegas Bachelor Party

The Last 72 Hours: Bachelor Party Las Vegas

If you’re planning to have your Bachelor Party in Las Vegas, then we know you’re looking for an itinerary that’s sexy, boozy, and flat out, off-the-chain ridiculous. You’re in luck because that is exactly what we have for you.  Two tips before we start: 1) bad choices make good stories (but they’re still bad choices); and 2) what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (establish a photo policy with the guys: for example, no social media uploads).

T-Minus 72 Hours (10AM Starting Off Right)

Forget taking a cab.  Rolls-Royce Ghost limousine anyone?  That’s the car the Skylofts at MGM Grand sends to transport you from McCarron International Airport to your bi-level luxury suite towering over the Strip.  Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your personal butler who will cater to any and all of your party’s needs 24/7 for the duration of your stay.  Your room has a ridiculous number of amenities including a pool or foosball table, a private bar, packing and unpacking services, an infinity spa tub (soak away the hangover), and even a TV in your bathroom mirror (totally unnecessary and totally fabulous). Welcome to the high-roller life.

T-Minus 69 Hours (1PM First Bite)

As incredible as your Skyloft is, you’re bound to be hungry by now.  Head to Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at MGM Grand (another great thing about your hotel is easy access to everything the MGM Grand has to offer) for your first Vegas meal. Our favorite dishes are the creative wood oven pizzas like the Spicy Sopressata (which has salami Toscana, pepperoni, red onions, goat cheese, and jalapeños) and the calamari and truffled potato chip appetizers.  Just be sure to skip the drinks (don’t worry, it’s just for this meal) because you’re going for a drive after lunch…

T-Minus 67 Hours (3PM Fast and Furious)

It’s time for some major fantasy fulfillment.  Cab (or limo, if you so choose) to World Class Driving and get behind the wheel of that car you’ve always wanted.  Take your pick from their “Dream Garage” of exotic and muscle cars including Lambos, Ferraris, Corvettes, and super powered Mustangs.  When you’re booking, let them know it’s a bachelor party so you can get a group rate.  Also, no need for the photo rules to apply here.  Snap ‘em up.

T-Minus 63 Hours (7PM Dinner at the Barrymore)

Take a little detour from the Strip to the Royal Resort for an amazing dinner at the Barrymore.  The décor is gorgeous (Old Hollywood meets Old Vegas- and the ceiling is covered in vintage film reels), cocktails sophisticated, and steaks mouthwatering.  They also have a 50 under $50 list of nice wines from all over the world.  Top your Filet Mignon with a South African Lobster Tail and prepare for one of the best surf and turfs of your life.

T-Minus 61 Hours (9PM After Dinner Drinks)

You may not be college frat boys anymore, but that’s no reason to skip pregaming.  Head for Happy Hour (9 to 11 every night) at Peppermill Fireside Lounge, a staple on Vegas bar bucket lists.  Sit around the perplexing underwater firepit and down some drinks to start the night off right.

T-Minus 59 Hours (11PM Nightclub)

Here’s the lowdown on Vegas clubs.  The party starts late (a lot of doors don’t even open until 11) and for a large group of guys, bottle service is the only way to go (unless you have personal connections).  There are a lot of “VIP front of the line” type passes for sale, but typically, they’re really not worth it.  The fine print puts a damper on how useful they are (must use before midnight, Thursdays only, etc.) and some will still have you waiting in a line for up to two hours.  You’ll have a much better time laying down the cash for a table.  We actually don’t recommend club hopping for this reason.  Dressing up is not optional.  Leave athletic wear, ripped jeans, anything with holes, and sandals at home.  Sin City is known for amazing clubs (that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?), but we’ve highlighted the best of the best.  Take your pick, have a blast, and try not to end up with a tiger in your hotel room.

Cirque du Soleil’s Light Nightclub at the Mandalay Bay

Of course you’ll get the high tech lights and hot headliner DJs, but the coolest (and most unique) thing about Light is the Cirque performance aspect.  Very few (if any) other nightclubs will give you a party with aerial acrobatics.  Also good to know, this place is heavy on electronic music.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub at Rio Las Vegas

This is the place to go for the best view in Sin City.  51 stories up, you’ll be feeling like a high roller even before you hit the casinos.  If you’re man enough, order the Witch Doctor, a ridiculously large rum cocktail that comes complete with dry ice.

OMNIA at Caesar’s Palace

OMNIA may be the new kid on the megaclub block, but it’s already established itself as a front-runner in over-the-top Vegas nightlife.  With the UFO-like chandelier ceiling, high-tech is an understatement.  It’s also the only club in Vegas with L-Acoustics sound technology (i.e. it’s all about that bass).

Marquee at the Cosmopolitan

This legendary nightclub is so popular that an intro may not be necessary.  If you’ve been living under a rock, the need to know on Marquee is that everyone wants in.  It’s a mainstay for celeb clientele including Bruno Mars, the Kardashian clan (not sure if that’s a plus or minus, though), and Beyonce (definitely a plus).  You’ll always find a big crowd and an even bigger party at this place.

We would include XS (quite possibly the best nightclub in the country), but you’re going there on Sunday.  Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

T-Minus 46 Hours (12PM Buffet)

You’re all hung-over, starving, and craving different things.  Solution?  The MGM Grand Buffet (you can’t do Vegas without at least one all-you-can eat buffet).  It’s right in your hotel and the food is hot and ready.  In addition to all the breakfast/brunch foods you’d expect, you can also load your plate at the carving station, comfort food station, or any of the international stations. Or you could hit the salad bar. Ha.

T-Minus 44 Hours (2PM The Gun Store)

You’re sober enough to handle fully loaded assault weapons, right?  Good, because you’re going to The Gun Store .  There are a ton of different packages to choose from on both indoor and outdoor ranges.  The customized packages (which allow you choose from a huge selection of guns ranging from WWII classics like the Thompson to full-auto shooters like the AK47) are the most popular, especially the Machine Gun Special.  Book online for the “groom-to-be shoots for free” promotion and a free limo ride from your hotel and back.  This is another place where the “no cameras” rule need not apply.

T-Minus 42 Hours (6PM Dinner at Hakkasan)

Hakkasan at the MGM Grand is one of the most talked about restaurants in Vegas and it lives up to the hype. Incredible and innovative food cooked by a Michelin-starred Head Chef?  Check.  Impressive wine list?  Check.  Amazing décor? Check.  This place has the whole package.  Be sure to order both the steamed (crystal shrimp dumpling, scallop shumai, perch dumpling and black pepper duck dumpling) and fried (roasted duck pumpkin puff, XO scallop puff, crispy prawn dumpling) Hakka Dim Sum Platters as appetizers.  Also, save room for dessert because the Black Sesame and Chocolate Dumplings are to die for.

T-Minus 40 Hours (8PM Feeling Lucky?)

Whether it’s for blackjack, poker, roulette, or craps, the casino is calling your name.  Take a seat at the table of your choice and hope that luck wants to be a lady tonight.  You can always drink your losses…   But seriously, try not to go all in with the honeymoon fund.

T-Minus 36 Hours (12AM Put the Sin in Sin City)

Even if you didn’t do too hot in the casino, we promise your night is about to heat up.  Of all the strip clubs in Sin City, Palomino is the only one with full nudity and liquor (their tagline is “fully nude, fully stocked”), so there’s really not much of a point in bothering with the others.  We recommend booking the King of Clubs package in advance.  This will get you limo transportation from your hotel and back, a VIP line pass for the group, 3 bottles of premium spirits (with mixers), 2 pitchers of beer, and the best seats in the house.  Gratuity is included, but you might be enticed to do some additional tipping, and that’s just fine.

T-Minus 22 Hours (12PM Pool Party Day)

There’s no way you’re waking up for breakfast today either so we’re skipping right to lunch.  Grab your swim trunks and head over to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Let’s be clear, you’re not hitting up any Hard Rock Café.  You’re going to Culinary Dropout, an edgy gastro-pub that’s best described as flat out badass (think chefs with mohawks and inked-up bartenders).  The menu features classic pub food like Beer Battered Fish & Chips as well as innovative entrees like Shrimp & Pork Belly Ramen.  Trust us, you have to start the meal with Soft Pretzels & Provolone Fondue and end with Monkey Bread (cinnamon apple brioche with vanilla ice cream).  As for cocktails, try an After School Special (raspberry tea infused tequila, ginger agave, lime, Modelo especial).

T-Minus 20 Hours (2PM Rehab)

After lunch, hit your first pool party of the day, Rehab at the Hard Rock.  This is the original Vegas pool party, and it’s still arguably the best of its kind.  The live music is also a big draw (Lady Gaga made her debut here).  Also, if you’re there during the summer, you can watch the Bikini Invitational and vote for the winner.  Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

T-Minus 15 Hours (7PM Brazilian Steakhouse)

Conveniently located between your two pool parties is Fogo de Chão Churrascaria, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse that serves up 16 different kinds of meat carved tableside.  You can eat filet mignon, or better yet, bacon wrapped filet mignon until you burst.  The restaurant operates a little bit like a dim sum place, but instead of carts with dumplings, there are skewers of meat.  Also, if a side dish you want isn’t at the salad bar, ask your server.  Trust us, you’ll want more than one round of the pão de queijo (warm cheese bread).

T-Minus 12 Hours (10PM Night Swim)

You might not want to do what Prince Harry did at XS Night Swim at the Wynn Encore, but there’s no better way to spend a Sunday night in Vegas.  This party is another that’s the first of its kind (albeit an after dark version of Hard Rock’s idea), and it’s most definitely the wildest.  Try to snag reservations for one of the 26 exclusive cabanas (each one has a plasma television, marble-topped console tables, a fully stocked refrigerator, a safe, an overhead fan, a misting system for hot summer nights, and plush seating), but if you can’t, don’t sweat it.  You’ll be in the pool anyway listening to Skrillex, Diplo, or another top-tier DJ.  Heads up- drinks reserved by the pitcher.  Let the groom get his own, though.  He just had (and absolutely nailed) his last 72 hours.


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