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The Bachelor Party Budget: Ultimate Spreadsheet

You’re a bright guy. Bachelor party planning is easy. You don’t need help adding up the cost of airfare, hotels, and dinners. It’s not rocket science. That being said, when you get a bunch of dudes together…and when the variables start adding up—rental car, lapdances for the groom, beer for the hotel room—it helps to have a budget spreadsheet. You could create your own. Or you can just use our bachelor party budget spreadsheet, which has every category you’ll need, plus some that you hopefully won’t.  (i.e. Money for getting bailed out of jail, hush money, and shovels for burying a dead hooker.)

The spreadsheet has a few dummy numbers–these aren’t estimates; these are just to give you a feel for how the tool works. Delete them, overwrite them, replace them with your own guesses.

Two quick notes:

  1. A “plus button” at the top of the spreadsheet lets you expand the number of days, so you can also add up costs for Tue, Wed, Thursday and so on.
  2. The Comments have some additional info. (For the Excel-challenged, look for the little red triangles and hover your mouse.)

Hope this helps. Forward to your friends. And enjoy the weekend.

Bachelor Party Budget Spreadsheet

Have any questions on how the spreadsheet works, or have any suggestions on how to make it better? E-mail us at [email protected]

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