Bachelor Party

Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: T-errible T-shirts

I kind of think bachelor party T-Shirts are kind of lame, but I still want us to look like a group. What do you recommend?

Group t-shirts will make your bachelor party stick out like a sore thumb. Depending on where your party is taking place,  you can easily find subtler ways to get in sync with your friends. Maybe it’s getting matching ties from The Tie Bar; maybe  it’s everyone wearing the same cheap sunglasses with “Mike’s Bachelor Party” on the side. Go for something smaller–it will seem less tacky and will more likely be kept for later use. Us? If you’re really set on being able to identify you all as “Mike’s entourage” while out at the bar, opt for something a little less obvious like baseball caps. They can be customized the same way without the big block letters splattered all over you. Now you can rock that cool jacket at the bar without having to succumb to the lesser style swerves of screen printed tee shirts.

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