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New York Daily News: Plunge Advises on Best Men

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The Plunge breaks downs the pitfalls, ethical quandries, and obstacles of picking groomsmen for the New York Daily News.

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From the New York Daily News:

"As grooms are getting married older and older, they have more friends. They might have their best friend from childhood, then their best friend in college, then their best friend from the first city after college, and now their best friend in New York. Thanks to e-mail, cell phones, Facebook and fantasy football, guys are now able to stay in touch and maintain lifelong friendships," says Jeff Wilser, editor at


While there are no hard-and-fast rules for who should get the honor [of picking best man], there are guidelines.

When in doubt, go with your bro: "For better or worse, weddings are about tradition and family, so it's better to err on the side of family," says Jeff Wilser.

Pick someone responsible: Sure, you want someone who looks good in a tux, but the best man also has serious duties, like planning the bachelor party and remembering the ring. ...

But not boring: You want someone reliable who won't make a rambling, drunken toast, but you don't want the shy type, either. "The best man's most important function is social," says Wilser. When making your pick, he suggests keeping in mind the "intangibles, or the soft skills, such as making sure everyone has a good time at the reception, corralling people on to the dance floor and charming the future in-laws."

Give weight to seniority: All other factors being equal, go with the guy you've known the longest. "The best tiebreaker to avoid hard feelings: tenure of friendship. It's simple, objective, and fair," says Wilser.

Houston Chronicle: Groomsmen Gifts

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The Plunge quoted in the Houston Chronicle on groomsmen gifts.

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FOX Los Angeles (TV) Features The Plunge

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Profiled as featured website on FOX morning news in L.A.

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From FOX's website:

Los Angeles ( - Are you ready to take the plunge guys? Today's featured website is for guys who are thinking about getting married. It's got tips on how to tell if she's the one, and how to ask her Old Man for permission to marry her. There's even the ten commandments for how to pop the question. Once you've got a "yes," the site will help you plan the wedding, giving you tips on your duties as groom, how to deal with your girl if she suddenly becoems a "Bridezilla" and there's painful talk about the wedding budget.

McClatchy: The Plunge Signs Syndication Deal

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The Plunge signs a national syndication deal with McClatchy Tribune, pushing content to a network of hundreds of newspapers and websites.

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It's been a long journey. At Plunge Headquarters we've bided our time, waited patiently, toiled away, and hoped that one day, sometime, our voice will be heard.

That day is here.

A grueling three weeks after launching, The Plunge is proud to announce that we have signed a syndication deal with McClatchy-Tribune.

McClatchy syndicates content to hundreds of newspapers and sites including the Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, and on and on. And now, to the horror of wedding-industry-purists everywhere, they will be syndicating The Plunge.

When we started this website way back when, the cynics said that:

1) "Men don't want to read about wedding planning."

2) "This market doesn't exist."

3) "You guys are jerks."

Today, we learned that two of those three things are false.

And if you haven't already done so, click here to register for The Plunge. It's (obviously) free. It's spamless. Every so once in a while--weekly, at most--we'll e-mail you updates on new features, headlines, and breaking wedding news. Just kidding about that last. We don't believe in breaking wedding news, and neither should you. We promise to never, ever, ever have an article like "20 Hot New Trends in Table Décor!"

Thanks again for reading The Plunge. Look for us online or in your local paper.

Boston Herald: The Plunge Chimes in on Groomzilla

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The Plunge editor gives perspective on how to save money, using the 80/20 rule, bachelor parties, and what turns a man into Groomzilla.

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From the Boston Herald:

LeBlanc's attitude may be a function of the economy, of maturity, or both. Jeff Wilser, author of "The Maxims of Manhood," said it's a trend for betrothed men.

"Today's groom is on average 29. He's basically matured and already lived his 20s," Wilser said.

"There's less novelty and thrill in going out and getting wasted than there used to be," he said. "Older grooms are more financially invested in the wedding, which forces them to be cognizant of not ruining the wedding they're paying for. That's not to say every bachelor party must be a quiet evening in watching ‘The Mighty Ducks.' "

Wilser, editor of, a snarky men's Web site for wedding planning, offers "20 ideas for stripper-free bachelor parties."

Many are low-cost or low-key - including fishing, camping and going for a steak dinner.

Wilser said his advice goes well beyond the bachelor party. He speaks to an audience of men who are just as eager as their brides to tinker with every detail of the marriage. Enter the detail-minded control freak known as Groomzilla.

"One of the biggest trends is couples paying for the weddings themselves," Wilser said. "As couples take a more active role financially, it's natural for (the groom) to be more engaged, and planning is an outgrowth of that. There's a perception of ‘We need to save money, let's cut back here, let's cut back there,' and the groom becomes a monster."

Wilser advises grooms to keep the peace by "picking your battles," and focusing not on such small matters as stationery or flowers but rather "open bar and decent music."

Original article here.

Splendicity: "She Knows Best"

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From Splendicity: "If you are a groom who would love to get involved in every aspects of the wedding plans, The Plunge is the place to go."

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Original post here on Splendicity:


BlackBook Takes The Plunge

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From the editor: "Taking the Plunge: Brotastic New Website Aimed at Taking Out Grooms"

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From BlackBook's original post:


The Plunge Press Release

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Really bored? Have absolutely nothing else better to do? Check out The Plunge's press release.

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Grooms Warrant Wisdom Too: Launches Site to Guide Grooms Down The Aisle

(New York, NY, May 11, 2009) - Every year, 2.2 million men get married. Every year, precisely zero of them look forward to "wedding planning." Part of the reason: no wedding publication has figured out how to talk to guys in a relatable way - until now.

Announcing,, the site where men can get real advice about weddings - whether they're contemplating engagement, committed to taking "the plunge," or even just a groomsman. Isn't it time that men had a resource solely devoted to their needs? Isn't it time that men realized there is a place they can go to have their questions answered? Written from the man's point of view, gives readers an unconventional, unflinchingly honest perspective on the entire wedding process. Whether he's a "Groomzilla" or the "Anti-Groom," the site dispenses essential fool-proof tips and advice on buying the ring and getting engaged to wedding planning, bachelor parties and booking the honeymoon - all articulated in a tone every man can identify with.

Unlike most resources covering the topic, The Plunge vows never to treat men like idiots or pretend wedding planning is fun. With articles such as "How Wedding-Porn is Brainwashing Your Fiancée," "How To Get Cash, Not Vases," "Your Role in the Wedding: Wake Up or Hit Snooze?" and "911: Hung Over On Your Wedding Day," will give men the information they need to survive the wedding planning process. The site even touches on controversial subjects such as cheating, pre-nuptial agreements, conversion, and inviting ex-girlfriends. Additional features include an interactive forum for guys to swap advice, an "Ask The Expert" feature where users can mail their question to the editors, weekly polls and a monthly Plunge newsletter to keep guys on the leading edge of wedding trends to either take away or toss. is edited by Jeff Wilser, recent author of the book, "The Maxims of Manhood," a humorous collection of essays that covers relationships, sex, sports, pop culture, and fashion from the savvy guy's perspective. Previously Jeff was a contributor to, as well as New York Magazine, the New York Daily News,, and

About XY Internet, LLC

XY Internet, LLC is an online media network focused on men and the wedding industry. Started by David Fortunoff in January 2009, the first site to launch under XY Internet's umbrella was,, an online shopping service that saves consumers time and money when shopping the internet for diamonds.,, is XY Internet's second venture, geared towards men looking for a wedding resource that finally speaks to them in their own voice.

Press Contact:

Heather Magidsohn

Heather Magidsohn Consulting

[email protected]

PH: 646-408-4584