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About Us

The Plunge is a wedding site written for grooms. We’re your (Unofficial) Best Man; a wedding wing-man here to help guys crush wedding planning. We offer advice, insight, and tools to make you a better groom, a better husband and a better man.

Sure, there are a billion wedding sites on the internet, but they’re all written for women. Brides are the superstars of the wedding industry--as a groom, you may feel like there’s nowhere for you to go for information.

The Plunge is on your side, all the way to the finish line and beyond. We’re the friend who has seen it all, who knows the answer to pretty much any question you have, and who can show you how to get the most out of taking the Plunge.

This is probably the first big joint project you’ll undertake as a couple. Think of it as practice for the marriage that comes after the wedding.


Getting married is not scary: it’s thrilling. The way BASE jumping off a skyscraper or stepping into the ring for the championship match is thrilling.

Sure, you might hit the side of a building or get your ass handed to you by an angry bald man in gym shorts. So what? It’s called life.

At The Plunge, we see wedding planning as a challenge and an opportunity: a chance to hone your life skills, find your true character and discover exactly what kind of man you are.


As your (Unofficial) Best Man, we’ll tackle the things you really care about. We’ll help you pick out the perfect engagement ring, plan a kick-ass proposal, get some awesome gifts for your groomsmen, and organize a honeymoon so amazing you may never come back home.

We’ll show you how to navigate decisions not usually associated with the groom: what kind of invitations to send, how to find the best caterer, and what constitutes a good processional song.

We’ll help you understand what your fiancée is going through, so that you can help her get through this whole process with her sanity intact.

This is probably the most adult (and definitely the most expensive) thing you’ve ever done in your life. With our help, you’ll do it right.


We’re the experts on every aspect of this process--because we’ve lived it.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours coming up with elaborate proposals, planning crazy bachelor parties, writing funny best-man toasts and traveling to exotic honeymoon destinations.

We’ve read the behavioral studies and we’ve crunched the data.

We’ve found the perfect gifts, tried on every type of tuxedo, and sampled every item on every catering menu.

We’re ready, so you’ll be ready too.


  • We’ll give it to you straight--we won’t sugarcoat it, but we will get you to the bottom line.
  • We care about the things you care about: saving money, having fun, and creating an experience you’ll remember with pride.
  • We’ll give you the information you need to slam-dunk the process, and be the best groom possible.

There are a lot of websites that tell you how to be a man--how to dress sharp, mix a classic martini, seem witty at parties--but none of them show you how to enter the next chapter of your life, be a better groom, a better partner, a better man.

A lot of guys stumble into marriage. You’re going to moonwalk in.

Jeff Wilser is the Founding Editor of The Plunge. He has written over 100 articles on grooms, engagements, and the male perspective on wedding planning. He is the author of The Maxims of Manhood, a book of humorous essays on being a guy. He is also the author of Pulitzer-bait The Man Cave Book, and his work has appeared in print or online in GQ, Esquire, Glamour, MSN, mental_floss, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and

Alex Dulac is the Founder and President of The Plunge, where he oversees strategy and operations. He also serves as Managing Partner of the Vox Clara Group, an operationally oriented investment firm focused on incubating, managing and scaling consumer-facing and tech-enabled businesses in media, e-commerce, fashion, design, beauty and art in the U.S. and internationally. Previously, Alex worked in tech, media and consumer investing at various cross-border private equity firms and in advisory at Solomon Smith Barney, where he helped launch the wireless data group. Alex is passionate about design, art, and technology. Alex received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Foreign Service with a concentration in International Economics from Georgetown University, where he served as a teacher assistant for computer programming and corporate finance. Alex currently serves on the Alumni Board of the Lycée Français de New York. He spends his free time hunting for the perfect pair of cufflinks, watching basketball and international travel. You can contact him the “old-fashioned” way of email: [email protected].